Here at Birdhouse we are creators of atmosphere, conductors of mood and energy, masters of… Basically we take our music and entertainment very seriously! We know the importance, the lasting impressions and the effect the music playing and the entertainment has on a persons state when they enter a room. Music is the most powerful sensory experience you can use when it comes to creating the perfect event. Whether your launching a new product, promoting your brand or just wanting to celebrate and have a party, our premium and award winning DJ's and entertainers can help you to create the perfect atmosphere for your next event.


Who are we? Well, we are all passionate DJ's and entertainers with plenty of experience in the industry. We know vibe! All our talented DJ's and entertainers are experienced professionals who can help make your event a unique and special one. Our DJ's and entertainers have worked with many brands and companies in all types of settings and can bring their expertise to any function or event.

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